In my last newsletter I mentioned I work on one section of a project at a time. When I come back to a project, my next step is to review where I was and decide how I like it.  How do I do that?


I start by re-reading what I wrote previously. Specifically, I read it out loud, so I can hear how it sounds. Hearing your words really helps your writing.   In addition, I ask myself some questions, such as:

1) Did I understand what I wrote? If I didn’t that tells me what I have to do next;
2) Is that what I meant to write or convey?
3) Could I say it better – in both English and with better words?  If not, revise accordingly.
I try to be an honest critic, so I can catch my own errors before someone else reads it.  I repeat this process until I am satisfied with my work, and decide it is ready for someone else to read and review.


Revising ones work is key to improving your project and your writing, and moving both forward. 

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