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Welcome to the Writing Tips & More blog, a place where medical and science writers, scientists, physicians, health care professionals, educators, students and the general public can learn about science communication. We have tried to make science communication accessible to everyone. Brought to you by Gwosdow Associates Science Consultants, an award-winning science communications company, the Writing Tips & More blog is for everyone interested in learning the details and intricacies of science communication and improving science education. You can Subscribe Now to be notified when new content is posted to this site.

About our Blog

We created the Writing Tips & More blog because we wanted an opportunity to help you understand the details of science communication by providing tips on writing and publishing scientific articles, explaining complex scientific principles to the public, and...

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2018 AMWA Fellow

We are excited to announce that one of this year’s AMWA Fellows is Dr. Andrea Gwosdow. Fellowships are presented to AMWA members to recognize their significant contributions to the goals and activities of AMWA as well as their other professional accomplishments. An...

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Responding to Reviewer’s Comments

Receiving comments from reviewers can be exhilarating and frustrating. Some comments may be reasonable, but you may disagree with other comments. Whatever the comments, you are more likely to have a positive response if you take the time to respond to all of the...

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Writing with a Free Mind

As scientists we strive to choose our words carefully and say information correctly. We make sure we have all of our facts correct and we have cited all of the appropriate references. This is very important, especially when you write for a wide range of...

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What to Know Before You Write

As writers, we need to have the flexibility to write in different formats for a variety of readers. This is sometimes difficult because, as a scientist, I learned to write in a logical order. I first write the background information, then I provide supporting details...

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