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Gwosdow Associates Science Consultants is a science and medical communications company that provides medical and science writing, works with schools on science education, interprets science for non-scientists and provides professional development. Gwosdow Associates has been in business sinceĀ 1997.

Gwosdow Associates Science Consultants is an award-winning science & medical communications company, dedicated to providing the clearest, most effective written, oral, and scientific educational services available.

We believe that science shapes how people see and interact with their world.

Our goals are:

  • To shape how the world learns about science by providing clear and concise documents, explanations, and focused trainings
  • To offer custom workshops where our clients learn written and oral skills that enable them to clearly and effectively communicate their ideas to a variety of audiences
  • To provide educational services that shape how adults and children see their world through science
  • To teach professional scientists how to communicate their ideas effectively to the world

We will communicate your key messages quickly, clearly and persuasively to any audience from a preschool class eager to learn to a lay panel considering complex scientific and medical concepts to a peer review committee judging your professional accomplishments.

We are professional scientists, who can teach you how to communicate more effectively. With our professional services your manuscripts, abstracts, and other documents will be easier to complete and convey your ideas more clearly. All our documents are of the highest professional quality and are written in accordance with ICMJE recommendations.

Through our clear and effective medical communication services, you will maintain a high degree of professionalism while your ideas and research are accurately and timely communicated to any audience at any skill or knowledge level.

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