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Andrea R. Gwosdow, Ph.D, President of Gwosdow Associates Science Consultants, LLC.

andrea3Dr. Gwosdow is a skilled scientist with experience leading research teams in systems physiology, endocrinology, and immunology. She has expertise in animal, cellular and molecular biology; and data collection and analysis of laboratory samples. Dr. Gwosdow has led Gwosdow Associates since 1997.

In addition to her laboratory expertise, Dr. Gwosdow has been actively involved in medical education through the Physiology course taught at Harvard Medical School  and the Physiology of Aging seminar in the Harvard Multi-Campus Geriatric Medicine Fellow program.

Dr. Gwosdow is an effective medical writer who has received the top awards from the New England Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association. She has worked around the world with a wide variety of organizations to improve their scientific communication skills. Her workshops highlighting the specifics of writing and publishing in the medical and scientific literature led to the publication of her recent book, The Complete Guide to Scientific Manuscript Writing.

Dr. Gwosdow is known for her clear explanations of complex scientific principles to a variety of audiences at all levels. She has developed and managed an award-winning business/school partnership, a science communications company, and has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology, Advances in Physiology Education, and Science Scope.

In the community, Dr. Gwosdow organizes and conducts science outreach such as Family Science Day. For 11 years, she partnered with the Boston Children’s Museum to co-lead Physiology Understanding (PhUn) day.

Previous appointments include Lecturer, Harvard Medical School; Senior Scientist in the Endocrine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH); Research Scientist, Shriners Burns Institute; Visiting Assistant Fellow, John B. Pierce Foundation Laboratory and Yale University; Director of the MGH/Timilty Middle School Partnership; and Instructor, MGH’s Institute of Health Professions.


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Professional Accomplishments and Awards:

  • Inducted as a Fellow of the American Medical Writers Association
  • Current member of Education Committee and Chapter Advisory Council for American Medical Writers Association
  • Member, Pediatric Cancer Foundation Board
  • 2nd place winner of the 2014 Boston R&D Publications award for Clinical Writing
  • Winner of the Will Solimene Award for Excellence in Biomedical Communication
  • Winner of the Neil Duane Award for Distinction in Biomedical Communication
  • Honored for 20 years of dedicated service to the American Physiological Society
  • Recognized for outstanding service as President, New England Chapter of American Medical Writers Association
  • Recognized for serving as Physiologist-in-Residence for the American Physiological Society
  • Served on the Nominating Committee and the Science Curriculum Committee for the American Medical Writers Association

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