As a partner with you in the classroom, Gwosdow Associates expands your ability to present in-depth, age appropriate programs that add an exciting classroom experience, and stimulate scientific curiosity in your students without increasing your workload.

Gwosdow Associates meets your specific needs by providing:

  • Professional Development for teachers
  • Health Fairs, Science Fairs, and Family Math & Science Activities
  • Training on writing scientific documents and grants
  • Customized science workshops and seminars in biology, chemistry, and health
  • Updates on current topics and laboratory techniques in medicine, health, and the environment
  • Web-based educational programs
  • Classroom materials and “hands-on” activities for immediate use
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Assistance with curriculum development
  • Assistance in establishing school/business partnerships
  • School to career programs
  • Scientific writing
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