Legal Services

Gwosdow Associates provides expert assistance that helps you quickly and effectively prepare and organize your cases and briefs while avoiding embarrassing mistakes and costly delays.

Gwosdow Associates helps you prepare cases that require:

  • Interpretation of laboratory and scientific data
  • Analysis of laboratory results
  • Written reports and documentation
  • Medical and scientific writing
  • Customized science workshops and seminars for legal professionals seeking scientific knowledge
  • Updates on current topics and laboratory techniques in medicine, health, and the environment

Gwosdow Associates services provide:

  • Expert advice in human physiology, health, laboratory practices, and procedures
  • Personalized assistance in case preparation
  • Creative materials to explain scientific principles and stimulate provocative discussions
  • Interactive and stimulating workshops and seminars
  • Efficient and cost-effective scientific support services
  • Expert testimony
  • Expert witness on standardization of field sobriety tests

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