As I just mentioned, the early part of the year is a good time to honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Do your current projects take advantage of your strengths? Do they allow you to work on your weaknesses?


Remember– Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.


Each year I take the time to honestly evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. That way I know which projects are most suited to me and which projects I will be able to complete most successfully.


If you don’t, clients will discover them. I find it is best to be honest with clients and tell them the possibilities–what you can and cannot do, and ask for help to learn from others.


Here’s a personal example-for years I tried to break into regulatory writing. I took classes but never got “hands on” experience in the field. Then, one of my well-established clients asked me to write a regulatory document. I was thrilled but knew my shortcomings in this field. I was honest and told my client my experience and limitations. They asked me to work on the document anyway, with the help of an experienced regulatory writer who agreed to answer my questions. This was the perfect arrangement and I was able to both successfully write the document within the client’s timeframe, and get the needed experience. I learned it paid to be honest!




Know your strengths and weaknesses and always present yourself, honestly!



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