When choosing a conference to attend look at it from the following perspectives:

1) the educational benefits provided

2) the opportunities to make business contacts and network

3) the opportunities for business growth.


For educational benefits: Always look to learn something for your own professional enhancement was well as to streamline your business practices and writing processes. I look for educational benefits from each meeting I attend.


For business contacts: Seek to make new business contacts as well as to reconnect with established contacts. I choose meetings which provide these opportunities.


For business growth: New business usually comes from developing and maintaining business relationships. Meetings that encourage sharing of business information can be a valuable place to do this.


To get the most out of meetings, go to the meeting with goals in mind. I ask myself to fill in the following sentences:

  • This meeting will be successful if…..
  • My goal for this meeting is….

Answering these sentences will help you develop goals for the meeting.

  • I always get more out of meetings when I have goals.
  • I always try to speak or participate in the meeting, if possible. This will increase your visibility and the number of potential contacts you can meet.
  • I plan my meetings ahead of time-reviewing the meeting information to see what sessions will be most educational for me at that particular time.
  • If possible, review the attendee list to see who you might want to meet. Try to connect with at least 3 people a day at a meeting, depending on the meeting.

Try these tips to get more out of meetings–both national and local ones!



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