As the end of the year approaches, I am finishing some projects including my book. Each time I read my book, I make changes and edit it. I am asking myself, “what criteria shall I use to say my book is done and ready for publication?” The answer seems simple-it is a similar process to what I use when I write manuscripts or journal articles.

When I write a manuscript, the manuscript is ready for submission when:

  • the required information is provided in each section,
  • each section is explained clearly and
  • the article flows in a logical order.

In addition, I pay special attention to the language used, carefully evaluating the proper use of English. When I am content with the manuscript, I am ready to “let go” of it and give it to colleagues to read. I consider my colleagues comments and revise the manuscript accordingly. When you are satisfied with the manuscript, it is time for submission.

Tip: When you are content with your writing, give it to others to review. Consider their comments and revise accordingly–then let the project go!

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