This year I will be co-teaching Ethical Standards in Medical Publication with Cindy Hamilton. As we prepare our course materials, I want to share the most common issues in scientific papers with you.
They are:

  • plagiarism,
  • duplicate publication,
  • redundant publication,
  • falsification and fabrication of data,
  • figure manipulation,
  • conflict of interest,
  • authorship, and
  • human/animal welfare issues.


As you will see, this resource both describes the problems/issues and offers suggestions on how to avoid these problems.  As you review or work on papers for publication*, it is helpful to keep these solutions in mind. If you are not sure, reach out to other AMWA members for discussion and help with difficult or confusing situations.



Tip:  Familiarize yourself with ethical issues in scientific publication.


*Use the RIGHT model to walk yourself through ethical situations [Hamilton CW. The Right Way to Avoid Doing Wrong: A Multistep Model for Making Ethical Decisions. AMWA J 2012;27:3-6.]  as discussed in last post.


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